Headlight assembly holding fixture


 This tool was designed by a headlight lens restoration expert FOR headlight lens restoration technicians.

 Many times you restore headlight lenses at body shops or repair shops with the headlight assembly out of the vehicle. You probobly are doing your work on a bench, on the bed of a pickup, or in your lap and get frustrated with trying to hold it still so you can do your thing. Now instead of chasing that bucket around, secure it at a comfortable working height, and get it done !

  This tool inserts into any 2" trailer hitch receiver and is secured with our unique 'internal wedging feature'. The head of this tool consists of 2 adjustable bar clamps with cushioned pads, and are adjustable in width and height. It takes less than 30 seconds to set this up and ready to work.

  An available option is a stand alone base which attaches to a scrap car wheel ( steel is preferred for the weight ) and allows headlight lens restoration away from a vehicle with a hitch receiver as in inclement weather and working indoors.

  BEFORE ORDERING - Contact us for exact shipping costs to your zip code

  Made of mild steel and powder coated for a durable and easy to clean finish. Made in Emmett, Idaho USA.

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