JOBBER DO bead forming tool for tubing


  This is THE MUST HAVE TOOL for those gearheads that do engine and radiator swaps. Those who have spent HOURS going through the local parts house's coolant hose selection, to find a hose that would come even close 'enough' for their particular application.

 Now you can make up the perfect hose, by using exhaust or header tubing and a couple of short pieces of hose.

  Turbo Heads have discovered this tool for working up piping for the low pressure side systems.

 Heavy Duty for 1 1/8" ID tubing and larger - steel, stainless steel, aluminum. 

 Light Duty for 1" ID

16 gauge / .065" / 1.5mm maximum thickness.

mild steel - stainless steel - aluminum

  Chuck the JOBBER DO up in a vise, clamp it to a bench, or hand hold it.

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